Mileage log app for iPhone, iPad and Android

Several clients have requested my recommendation for an application to track their business mileage, since I am always nagging them to keep a log. After researching the market I believe that TripLog by eSocial LLC provides the functionality and ease of use that small business users will desire.  The free version should be all that is necessary for most single users, but if  needed, increased report-generating capability is available for a monthly fee.

Here are the details: 

Track your vehicle mileage with GPS mobile log app for iPhone, iPad and Android with TripLog

With most innovative and advanced features, TripLog makes the mileage tracking a breeze.

It automates mileage tracking with GPS and power source. Monitor trips with Android widgets.

Plus vehicle and business expenses tracking, fuel economy calculation, and comprehensive IRS compliant reports.

Integrate with Intuit QuickBooks


  • The ONLY app that Auto Starts when plug in to power and drive more than 5 mph
  • The only mileage tracking app reads vehicle odometer from OBD-II devices
  • Sync and merge data to TripLog Web Service from multiple devices (optional)
  • Most comprehensive reports compliant to IRS TAX returns
  • Upload backup data and receipt photos to Cloud
  • Trucker support with IFTA fuel tax report

GPS Tracking & Auto Start

  • Use GPS to track mileage, record actual driving route and show on Maps.
  • AUTO START when plugged in to power and drive more than 5 mph, or by set timeframe. Auto stop when vehicle stops and disconnected.
  • Find street address by latitude/longitude.
  • Query online map services for suggested driving distance and time. Show locations and directions on map.
  • Import location name and address from phone Contacts.
  • Mark location as tollbooth and automatically apply tolls to trips that pass through the tollbooth
  • Backup/restore data through device and cloud storage. Transfer data to other mobile devices.
  • Support multiple vehicles, multiple tax categories (business, medical, charity, etc.) and multiple business entities.
  • Customize mile or kilometre, gallon or litre, 16 currency symbols, and 7 date formats.

Comprehensive IRS compliant Reports

  • IRS compliant tax return HTML and CSV reports with built-in IRS 2012, 2013, 2014 mileage rates.
  • Take receipt photos and upload to cloud storage. Photos are available to download in HTML reports.
  • Turn regular expenses into scheduled reminders with time and mileage intervals.
  • Commercial truck support (scale, lumpers, and per diem allowance, and state-by-state mileage for IFTA fuel tax report).
  • Calculate fuel economy (MPG, L/100km, or KM/L).
  • Sync data between web service and multiple mobile devices.
  • Record actual driving route and show on maps

Download TripLog – GPS Mileage Tracker for FREE